Why R? 2018 Conference

2 July 2018, 10:00 (Monday) - 5 July 2018, 18:00 (Thursday)

Scandic Hotel Wrocław, Wrocław See on the map

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Why R? 2018 Conference, the second official meeting of Polish R enthusiasts, will be held in Wroclaw 2-5 July 2018. As the meeting is held in English, we are happy to invite R users from other countries. 

The main topic of this conference is very strongly based around mlr R package for machine learning (over 4500 downloads per month). The creator of the package, Bernd Bischl, will be an invited speaker of the Why R? 2018 and more people involved in the project will conduct workshops and give specialized talks on the mlr ecosystem. With that strong focus on machine learning, we hope to gather broader audience, including people for whom the R is a side-interest, but they are keen on learning more about data science.

The following events will be hosted during the Why R? 2018 Conference: plenary lectures of invited speakers, lightning talks, poster session, community session, presentation of different R enthusiasts' groups, Why R? paRty (evening 3.07), session of sponsors, workshops - three blocks (morning 2.07, afternoon 2.07, morning 3.07) of several small to medium-sized courses (up to 50 people) for R users at different levels of proficiency.

The schedule, along with a list o invited speakers, is available on our webpage: http://whyr2018.pl/

Why R? 2018 Conference is an international event of R statistical software users. It is a remarkable occasion to gain knowledge about R, enhance data analysis and processing skills, and meet other members of European R community, especially from Poland and Germany.

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